Kostes is a Polish brand that emerged from love for fashion. The creation of the brand was inspired primarily by the desire to make timeless clothes that combine functionality and creativity. Our collections are aimed at avant-garde, modern and rocky nonchalance. The spontaneous decision to create Kostes served as a driving force for all the subsequent actions connected with brand creation. In spite of being relatively recent on the market, the brand is very popular. Starting from the very beginning of its existence Kostes cares about its clients, dynamically develops collections and tries to reach out to demanding women confident of their image.
The co-creator of the brand is Edyta Wieczorek who has been a creative director of fashion industry for 15 years. She is a precursor of luxury brands in Poland. In 2016 she was honored a prize “Gentle Woman” in the business and innovation category. Edyta manages the young and energetic team with her artistic soul and managerial spirit.
Kostes gives women ideas for an outstanding image and thus allows them to feel comfortable and confident. The thought-out designs are refined and sophisticated and yet adaptive to everyday use. Kostes stands out for its attention to detail and supreme quality natural leather. Fabrics used in the projects come from Italy and France – they are the same that the largest fashion houses of the world use. All projects are created in Polish fashion studios that count many years of experience. Precision is reflected in the product’s quality. That is how the models emerge. Our clothes are accessible luxury that contains current trends of fashion but will surely be suitable for the next seasons.

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