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Skirt is a symbol of femininity and without any doubt it is a queen of every woman’s closet. Thanks to Kostes’ generous offer, you will find a skirt tailored for your figure and personality.

A well-chosen skirt will highlight the beauty of your silhouette and open up your individuality. Choosing the right skirt might be a real challenge. Fortunately, in our store you will find skirts in many fashionable styles, sizes and colors. All are designed to meet even the most refined tastes of our customers. We sew them only from materials of the best quality, paying attention to every smallest detail. We want to give you the luxury you deserve!

Leather skirt is an element of closet that enjoys great popularity every season . The available models are made of the top quality natural leather. You will find them in both classic and more avant-garde styles.

Our offer is dedicated to confident successful women - we know that in our skirt you will conquer the world!

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